The big easy…

27 May

… or not.

So I’ve been on maternity leave for a week now and I can honestly say I’ve been much busier than when I was at work. Mostly because I’m actually doing stuff now, as opposed to sitting at my desk making lists of baby stuff and Googling ‘pre-term labour’.

In fact, The Boy and I have been living it up. We had a friends 30th last Saturday which saw me out until 3am (3am people! This from the girl who turns into a pumpkin after 10pm and vomits when the clock strikes 12), drove to the coast on Monday to visit The Boy’s grandma, finally got the car seat fitted, cleaned the house and caught up on a bunch of study. It was a productive week.

So now, after busting my guts sweeping the floor and trying to break my waters on a long walk, I’m having a well deserved sleep-in. Just without the shut-eye because between the braxton hicks and the heartburn that’s been moved to the too hard basket.

Anyway… we’re in week 36 now. Only one week to go til term, three and a bit weeks all up. Four weeks max and this little guy will be all snuggled up in the cot beside me, squealing his little lungs out and pooping all over everything. As for being ready, I guess we’re as ready as can be! There’s still a dozen things I’d like to do – sew curtains and cushion covers, paint the house, make up a freezer full of food, pack a hospital bag – but for now what’s done is done and anything that miraculously gets done over the next few weeks is just gravy.


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