I’ve just died

28 Apr

And gone to craft heaven.

I happen to be a bit of a craft addict. I love, love, love anything handmade and can’t wait to get more time to make finish even more crafty things.

While I’ve always been a fan of Design*Sponge and it’s DIY section, I have an insatiable appetite that often results in me spending way too much on How To craft books that I inevitably flip through, drool over, then leave for dead. So I’m always on the lookout for lovely new ideas that can be found and undertaken with minimal effort/expertise/outlay.

Today, I hit the crafter motherload. The stuff dreams are made of (and instructions of how to make them).

Two websites. Way too many ideas. Spotlight here I come.

Not Martha
The title sums up this website just perfectly, don’t you think? Every time I say craft I swear The Boy thinks the house is going to be filled with crochet doilies and painted sweaters. But I like MODERN craft, and that’s just what’s on offer at Not Martha. Check out the papier mache Easter eggs! And the Dahlia brooches! Goodness! So much crafty goodness!

Curbly has a bunch of craft projects alongside a whole heap of ideas and guides on home improvement. So much easy and fun stuff to do here, you could give your whole house a makeover every week. I truly can’t wait to delve into this site and get started on some fun stuff, like knitted floor cushions,  and coloured spoons. *Drooool*

So these I’ll be saving for the weekend. Apparently the wet weather is set to continue which is awesome if you’re home, snuggled up under a rug drinking Milo. Less awesome if you’re trudging through puddles on your way to work, or hosting an outdoor event that is totally going to flop if it rains. Sigh. Only three more working weeks to go!


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