30 weeks!

11 Apr

Whoop! I know both The boy and my OB disagree with my calculation of Henry’s due date but neither of them have access to my ovulation spreadsheet so believe me when I say I KNOW, down to the hour, when our kid was conceived. This also means his actual due date is probably the 20th and not the 24th, of June. And yes, those four days make all the difference when you’re 10 kilos heavier than you normally are and can no longer put on shoes without grunting.

Anyway, if you go by my dates, and not the date specified by the medical professionals, I’m 30 weeks today! Henry is the size of a butternut pumpkin and I’m the size of a Biggest Loser contestant. I’ve only got 10 weeks to go and while I’m impatient to meet my little man I also know that I’m seriously going to miss this time when it’s gone. It’s getting to the point where I want to be lost in the excitement of every last day – watching my belly, taking photos, getting ready and¬†savouring every last moment.

And lost I am. The Boy and I did a sneaky ultrasound at the hospital last night and saw our fat little pumpkin wriggling and squirming around, sucking his toes and his fingers and looking every bit the happy little cherub. As far as we can tell he’s still all boy, still looks just like his Dad, and is the cutest little fattie ever. And boy is he a kicker.

While the little man may be just as active as ever I’m certainly slowing down. Who would have thought that the snail’s pace I’ve been running at for the past 7 months could get any slower? But with only four weeks left at work and the desire to do nothing but eat, sleep and spend time with The Boy I’m finding it harder and harder to haul myself out of bed each morning. But haul I do, and here I am, wishing I could simply sleep through the next 10 weeks and wake up a family of three.


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