8 Apr

I’m having a fat day week month. Pork Chop assumed a very definite head down position around 4am this morning and the result is that while I managed to just squeeze into my shirt, I’m not entirely convinced I’m going to be able to get out of it without the use of scissors.

My colleagues took particular delight in discussing just how huge I had become overnight and it was determined that I now ‘looked like’ I was having a boy. This made me feel slightly better, since apparently boys show in the front whereas girls show all around, so I can take some consolation in the fact that at least my arse doesn’t look (that) big. But hey, it’s got a whole 10 weeks to catch up.

In other news, The Boy is in Adelaide busy sitting the second half of his physiology exam. Left alone for the whole evening and with no-one to cook for, I decided a chocolate sundae with sprinkles was the perfect thing for dinner and promptly made myself sick on Ice Magic topping and sugar. I ate an orange afterwards to try and make myself feel a bit better about the unabashed gluttony I’d just engaged in, but this just served to make Henry go bananas – so much so I thought he was going to choke himself on his cord.

To make myself (and Henry) feel better about all that I had a bath, then decided to simper about in the nursery colour co-ordinating his baby clothes with his new cloth nappies (which arrived mid-week and are TOTALLY AWESOME). All in all it was a pretty good night. And now there are clothes everywhere, and a few nappies in the bed, because they were just too darn cute to leave all alone in Henry’s room.

Mustache cushion, anyone?

And today, since I’m working super hard, I thought I’d share a link I found to what is possibly the coolest online fabric shop, EVER. Aside from having a totally awesome range of really funky prints, you can even design and print your own fabric! Can you believe it? Oh, belieeeeeve it my friend! This website has totally changed my world and I can’t WAIT to order some pretty fabrics for yet more unnecessary decorative cushions and skirts that I will half make and never wear.


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