Embroidered story books

23 Mar

I have absolutely no idea how I found these today, but OMG check them out! Embroidered story books! They’re the most beautiful little books EVER!

Embroidery has always been one of those crafts that I’ve been a bit meh about. I find it hard enough sewing saddle stitch to finish off quilts, let alone doing something that requires the sight of an owl and the ability to work on something for months before seeing any tangible result. I’m an instant project kind of girl. Even then I have oh say about FIVE projects on the back burner right now, because the corners of this quilt are ticking me off and I have to finish it FIRST, before the baby it’s for actually has kids of his own.

Embroidery has also been, to me, a bit of a nana craft. Like, embroidered ducks in bonnets on one of those quilting loop things, hung on a wall. I’m all for nana crafts, but I like the cool ones… like crochet blankets, for example. Sure, they may look a bit dorky, but in a totally awesome kind of way. Plus, they’re practical. Like tea cosies. If I could knit well enough to make a tea cosy I’d have a bunch of those buggers lying around over leftover Saturday morning teapots.

Anyway… embroidered books! Awesome! I believe the cool kids are calling it ‘contemporary embroidery’ and I’m all for it. I love textures. If I had the patience (and time, and money), I’d embroider a bunch of cushions for our house. Even our sheets at home are embroidered and I love them. Because textiles are cool.

What I’d love to do for Henry is make a book just like this, but less girly. Like a Peter Pan one. Peter Pan would be good, considering his Dad’s infatuation with all things pirate. Or maybe one of his favourites from Dr Seuss? This is, of course, a complete pipe dream – I realise I have zero time to tackle anything new while the house still needs to be painted, curtains need to be sewn, and a folio needs to be completed. But a girl can dream, right?


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