Hello, Thumper!

2 Mar

I don’t quite know what I’m growing but I can tell you that at 24 weeks it feels like I’ve got an entire soccer team in there. I love it, I really do, but now rather than worrying that the little dude isn’t moving enough, I’m worried that he’s well on the way to tiring himself out – and me in the process.

Not an hour goes by where I’m not feeling our future NBA star kick and roll. And he doesn’t stop at night either – lucky I can sleep through it – but The Boy says he feels him kicking his back if he cuddles too close. It’s incessant. I worry. Then I smile and think to myself that I’m going to miss this feeling like crazy once Pork Chop makes his grand arrival. It’s the coolest feeling in the world, feeling this little boy move around inside me. I probably drive everyone around me mad trying to get them to feel it too but hey, this is the most amazing feeling in the world! Feel it too! Smile! Forget all the daily crap you have to deal with and get a load of this! I’m growing a human!*

Anyway, aside from the endless knocks and bumps, The Boy and I have been on a variety of missions this week. First was Project Cot that I had very little to do with but let me just say it looks awesome and I had a bit of a cry because soon there will be a baby in there and it’s just so darn cute and OMG-this-is-really-happening-ish.

The second is Project Design that I actually have a lot to do with since enrolling myself into a design degree because, you know, I’m going to have heaps of spare time and graphic design is so easy. Wrong! I’m halfway through the first week and already I’m tired. But it IS exciting. Super exciting. And overwhelming, because I’m starting to realise that my folio is due the day before Henry and it’s probably going to entail quite a bit of work. Lucky about all that maternity leave I’m taking!

Project the Third is my monthly visit to the OB today. I’m nervous. I don’t know why, there’s no reason to be, but I have this feeling I’m going to cry. Over absolutely nothing. Because even I realise that I have nothing to cry about right now – I’m loving life! But if I cry – or if the scales are accurate lie and I’ve put on too much weight – I won’t get an ‘A’ for pregnancy and the adoring approval of my husband and doctor. (Because clearly that’s what these visits are about – grades. Yes, everyone is grading me. I know what goes on when I leave the surgery – there’s a little ‘B’ jotted down in my manila folder. Or ‘C’. C for crazy.)

So aside from worrying that I’m not PERFECT at pregnancy, I am super excited that we get to see Henry again today. I can’t wait to see how he’s grown and what he looks like now. Apparently he’s the size of an egglplant – a big one – and his nostrils are opening, allowing him to practice breathing through his cute little button nose.  He’s storing fat – which gives me the appetite of a hippo – and, by the feel of it, he’s flipped from head down to head up.

Little man, I can’t wait to meet you.

*Or an octopus. Or a giraffe with 60 legs and the girth of a buffalo. Or, most likely, my husband’s son who will run me ragged as soon as he figures out how to crawl.


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