Orange marmalade

1 Mar

On my day off on Saturday, between sewing projects and procrastinating about cleaning the house, I whipped up some of The Boy’s favourite banana bread.

The recipe for this banana bread comes from Nigella Lawson’s Domestic Goddess cookbook, though I make a few of my own additions. I leave out the bourbon soaked sultanas because we don’t usually have any sultanas (or bourbon) in the house. And I add walnuts, plus a teaspoon or so of my favourite secret ingredient – pumpkin pie spice – to liven things up. This time I added in one of those kid-sized packets of apricots and sultanas and something must of gone right because The Boy declared it to be The Best Banana Bread Yet. Looks like it’s an A+ for me this week!

Anyway, aside from slapping on some butter when it comes out of the oven, I love this banana bread with orange marmalade. Or apricot jam. But since apricot season is well and truly over, I figure it might be time to try my hand at making some marmalade to have on toast once the little one arrives.

Thankfully, Design*Sponge has inspired me with this gorgeous recipe. And if it’s anything like the pulled pork recipe that I made a few weeks back, it’s going to be a hit.


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