Do my boobs look big in this?

18 Feb

I’d take a photo but… oh stuff it, I’ll take a photo.

Excuse the crazy hair and lack of makeup – it’s been a long week. What I want you to look at (which I mostly cropped out of the shot by the looks of it) is the girls. Check ’em out! Thanks to another recent growth spurt, I’m now a c-cup. *Sniff* I couldn’t be more proud.

Anyway, it wasn’t me that noticed the overnight sprouting. I thought The Boy was looking mighty happy last night, and sure enough when I turned up to work this morning one of my co-workers greeted me with a ‘holy hell, your boobs ARE bigger!’ Talk about an awesome Friday! She then proceeded to tell me how awful it’ll be in a couple of years when they were slapping against my thighs, but I chose to start tuning out at that point.

Right now, I’ve got curves. And in all the good places. Sure, I can no longer see my feet or haul myself out of the sofa without grunting… but from the waist up it’s pure awesomeness.


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