Another day like that

15 Feb

Today is another one of those days. The type of day that’s filled with grey skies, soft drizzle, and an overwhelming desire to be at home, napping under a granny blanket.

So it took a lot of effort to get up this morning, and not just because The Boy practically has to roll me out of bed these days. I tried to convince him that today would make a pretty decent mental health day for both of us, but got no joy. In fact he was positively sprightly this morning, getting up well before he needed to, to get some study done before work. Kudos to him for beating the morning monster. I even scored a man-made cup of tea out of it.

Anyway, after a lovely night last night, (and a lovely cup of tea this morning) I find myself at work again today, despite feeling like I really should be curled up somewhere fast asleep. Or knitting that baby blanket. Or doing something much more worthwhile than sitting at my desk getting teary over the obituary I have to write for some poor dead Rotarian I’ve never even met. Like watching Henry kick my stomach hard enough to startle the people sitting next to me on the train.

But no, I’m at work, counting down the days until I go on leave (only 10 weeks to go!), and planning what I’m going to do with all that spare time I’ll have. Let me assure you the list is long, and I’m super glad Henry is arriving in winter so I have the perfect excuse to stay holed up in our cozy little home making adorable teeny things between naps. Because that’s what life is going to be like with a newborn – excursions to the museum, the library, the park, all rugged up in mum’s knitted blankets and scarfs. Eating home-baked banana bread and sipping tea from a thermos under blue skies that are speckled with fluffy white clouds on green, green grass that smells like wet dirt.

As for the nappies and the crying and the vomiting and the tiredness, I’m pretty sure that shit happens to other people. I’ll let you know how it goes. Right now, I need a little fantasy, especially since I had my first Braxton Hicks contraction this morning and m*ther f*cker if that’s any indication of what labour is going to be like, I’m totally screwed. I mean, I can feel when I ovulate. I can feel the ovary releasing the egg. It hurts. I have the world’s most painful periods. I felt Henry moving around pretty early, so you can be sure the nerves I have in there are pretty well-developed. And if so, labour is going to be one almighty bitch. Totally starting to re-think that all natural birth plan.

So, here’s to the countdown to Easter. When I finish work, enjoy one last dirty weekend with The Boy, and settle into enjoying the last remnants of autumn and the arrival of our little boy. Can’t wait.


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