My little companion

9 Feb

One of the coolest things I’ve felt during this whole pregnancy is a complete lack of loneliness. Normally, I’d rather rip out my toenails before leaving the house on my own, unless it’s to go somewhere or do something I’ve done a dozen times before. Like grocery shopping. And even then some days I’m convinced that all the check-out staff talk about me once I’m gone.


Since finding out about the bun in the oven I’m feeling super relaxed about doing new things. Mostly because now, even if I find myself standing like a loser in the corner of the room, I’ve got Henry to keep me company. Which is super cool. I no longer feel lonely because I’ve got my very own built in companion! How neat is that! And, now that he’s kicking like a maniac it feels more like I’m engaging with an actual someone, rather than an imaginary friend. At 26 years of age this can only be a good thing.

Of course, when he goes through all those ‘I’m-totally-too-big-and-cool-to-actually-like-you-anymore’ phases I’m going to be devastated, but for now I’m grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary every time I feel a little bump and a roll. Although he’s a tad too hard on my bladder at times, I’m really going to miss feeling the little guy inside. It feels indescribably good. Almost as good as the feeling I got when I snuck that first kiss from a sexy young doctor in a Kings Cross nightclub back in ’07. Awwwwwww.

While I’m busy melting in a pool of emotional memory goop I’ll leave you with an interesting little tidbit I came across today:

In 2002, a study found that smoking during conception increased the likelihood of conceiving a girl.

I’m going to take that one with a grain of salt but I thought I’d post it here for The Boy’s benefit should he ever need an excuse for smoking in the future. That’s one free pass for you, honey, so long as I get to use the  ‘calories are afraid of heights, so Tim Tam’s stored on top of the fridge are actually low-fat’ one at my discretion.


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