8 Feb

Now that I’m pregnant – visibly pregnant – my boobs are getting some long overdue attention. The Boy is certainly loving the new curves, and I have noticed a few more looks on the street of late which is certainly flattering since most days I feel (and probably look) like a heifer.

Anyway, I was pretty chuffed with my new boobalicious pulling power, until The Boy brought me back to earth with a little man-reality. Turns out bigger boobs aren’t the only flashing light that make pregnant chics look hot to men. As one of Ry’s mates so beautifully put it:

‘Pregnant chics are hot because you KNOW they put out.’

Right. Awesome. Well, whatever it is I do realise I’ve got a lot going on below the neck that’s now drawing attention. So much so that not ONE of my co-workers noticed that I’d chopped almost 10 inches off my hair last week. 10 INCHES! This wasn’t a trim, it was a complete overhaul and the only comment I got when I returned to work was ‘OMG…you’re HUGE! Are you sure you’re not having twins?’

While I do love the baby bump, which is still remarkably stretch mark free (hurrah!), it does strike me as odd that people, complete strangers even, now feel compelled to tell me how absolutely gigantic I am now. Not just huge. ENORMOUS. Mind you, I totally milked this during Sydney’s latest heat wave. Pretty easy since I was waddling around drenched in sweat with a scowl on my face that not even the bravest most hardened criminal would want to mess with.

Anyway, boobs or bump, at 21 weeks pregnant I’m totally curved up and loving every inch of it.


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