A special moment

7 Feb

So now that Henry is busting some serious moves in utero, it’s getting quite obvious to onlookers that something more than overindulgence is going on down there.

I’ve been feeling the little guy for a few weeks now and have been desperately wanting to include The Boy. Finally, when I was sure Pork Chop was dishing out some suitable kicks I suggested that now might be a good time to cop a feel.

Anyway, so we’re sitting there on the sofa, me comfortably reclined, Ry’s hand on my stomach, both of us staring off into the distance waiting for the little guy to move. Waiting… waiting… then all of a sudden my stomach produces a massive bump and gurgle.




Me: ‘… yeah, um, so not that one.  That one was me.’

It was a special moment. And anyone who says pregnancy is a time of grace and beauty clearly hasn’t suffered the effects of excess progesterone.


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