Twig and berries

3 Feb

Well it’s confirmed. Pork Chop is a boy. All boy in fact. The good little fellow was nice enough to give us a fantastic view of his sausage and, side on, the little guy looks just like his daddy.

Yes, I’m in love. I’m swooning over that face already and it’s going to be a long 20 weeks to wait to hold that little bundle. I couldn’t be more besotted if I tried. I’ve been running around everywhere for the past two days all like ‘it’s a BOY, people, get EXCITED!’ and while everyone was suitable ‘awww’ I’m still feeling like there should have been a brass band, dancers and fire-twirlers out busy making more of an announcement.

Oh, and he has a name, of course. Henry. Awwww.

So! Now I’m halfway. Henry is actually still measuring a week and a bit ahead with adjusted dates so he’s on the large side. And boy, can I feel it. He’s kicking around like mad in there, to the point of making me queasy. He’s around 450g (where the rest of that 5kg I’ve gained has gone is anybody’s guess) with long arms and legs and looks absolutely perfect. The grandparents are suitably impressed and clucky, uncles and aunties are over the moon, and I’ve been hitting online baby stores with a renewed passion. Though most of my cute outfits have been vetoed because apparently, Henry will be dressed exactly the same as The Boy when out on the town. Doting Dad? You betcha.

Anyway, here’s a photo of the little guy, half-baked as he is. Isn’t he just perfect?


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