What are you having?

25 Jan

As a pregnant chic, I get asked this question a lot. Almost every day I get asked whether I know what we’re having and every time I’m asked I have to bite my tongue to refrain from saying ‘uhhh… a baby?’. Not because I’m a semantic bitch like that (I am) but because I find it cute and funny in a totally lame sort of way. Like how I’d love for someone I don’t know that well to ask when I’m due to I can make a total fuss about being offended that they’d bring up my weight gain. Clearly I need more entertainment in my life.


I’m almost 19 weeks and no, we still don’t know what we’re having yet (though I believe based on previous scans that it’s a human of a yet to be determined gender). Even my brain wants to know and has been torturing me with some of the most vivid dreams I’ve ever experienced. Usually I wind up holding a boy, but last night was the hum-dinger of all gender dreams. It went something like this…

I wake up in the delivery suite. I know I’m in labour because everyone is scrubbed up in gowns and I’m about to be wheeled off somewhere. I’m nervous but before I know it my OB is there, telling me everything is going to be fine. Then I see The Boy with a massive smile slapped on his teary face and a teeny baby is slapped onto my chest. It’s all goopy and bloody and yucky and I hear the nurses saying it’s a girl and I breathe in her smell as I kiss her over and over telling her that I love her. And at that moment, in my dream, I have the world’s most amazing feeling of love, calm and utter adoration as our little girl nuzzles up to me, opening her eyes for the first time. I get goosebumps just remembering it.

Long story short, Dream Boy and I bring home a Dream Girl only we can’t remember what we called her. I wake up, Pork Chop kicks, and I go back to sleep with a smile on my face wondering how I can possibly love this little being more than I do right now.

So. Boy, Girl. Don’t know and don’t care. No matter what pops out at the end of June, I know already that I’ll love it more than I can possibly bear.



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