Liquid time

14 Dec

It’s that time of year again. Where people go mad with to do lists, drive like maniacs and generally lose all patience because Christmas is all about hassle, not joy and celebration.

Every year I can’t wait for December to be over. While I love Christmas the lead up can be a bit overwhelming. But this year, I don’t care. I’ve got much bigger things on my mind. Work in a flurry before closing? Don’t care. People being mean and rushed? Don’t care. I’m growing a giant that I’m head over heels in love with. And that takes effort.

Last week we had our first OB visit and while I wasn’t handed a bag of miracles, I was given a cream to stop the itching and got a surprise ultrasonic peek at Pork Chop who now looks much more human! We got a whole pile of brochures (yes, I was that excited I may have drooled a little) about the birth, breastfeeding and other important things I probably should have taken the time to understand more, we’ve booked into the hospital and the savings are growing almost as well as the little one. I managed to take a breath and relax which I’m sure was nice for both me and The Boy, despite a few days of freaking out over Junior’s neural development thanks to all the bug spray.

To top it all off we had our 12 week nuchal translucency (NT) scan yesterday where Pork Chop measured in at a whopping 13 weeks and gave us a glimpse into his/her personality. We saw a cute little button nose, flailing arms and legs, watched as he/she gulped and swallowed amniotic fluid and generally acted all adorable, if a little stubborn. We counted a spine, a brain, a four chamber heart, a stomach, a diaphragm, two arms and two long legs. I fell in love even more and pulled a muscle in my mouth from all the smiling while Dad annoyed the sonographer by taking photos and videos with his iPhone.

So I’m nearing the end of my first trimester and I simply can’t believe how quickly time is flying. It feels like yesterday when I was at four weeks and terrified… and here I am now, two months later, with a healthy and rather large bub growing inside me. All too soon it’ll be Christmas, then New Year, then the five month countdown. It’s all going too fast, and yet not fast enough.


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