I <3 coloxyl

19 Nov

9 weeks today and feeling every fat roll.

The Boy was a tad incredulous when I told him I was popping out already, but when visiting our wedding photographer last night he finally took a gander and his jaw almost hit the ground when he saw the bulge. Sure, most of it’s because I hadn’t been to the bathroom in FIVE WHOLE DAYS but some of it is showing distinct signs of being a baby bulge. The Boy then told me I was going to be MASSIVE, just HUGE, and kindly let me know that he’d come along as moral support and to ‘tone up’ while it came time to battle against the baby weight.

After realising that my body was retaining perhaps just a little too much I finally went to the pharmacist and begged them to give me something to ease the side effects of my raging hormones. After explaining that I was pregnant and that I would gladly bestow upon them my firstborn if they would just do something to help me, they kindly gave me a bottle of orange pills and sent me on my way. And oh sweet, beautiful relief. While I am trying to do this whole pregnancy thing as naturally as possible, I am fully prepared to pop handfuls of those puppies if it means I can go back to my regular self.

Anyway, despite feeling much better on the bowel front, I’m still a paranoid wreck. Thankfully, some of my early pregnancy symptoms returned and I was more than happy to welcome extreme fatigue, nausea and sore nipples back into my life. I think I’m finally learning that all these symptoms are pretty much swings and roundabouts, though it does nothing for my confidence when they disappear. And because I’m still a paranoid wreck, The Boy and I decided that what the hospital in Kenya really needs is a Doppler for the maternity ward. Of course, we’ll check it out here first to make sure everything is working, but yay for the pregnant women of Shikunga! It should arrive next week and I plan on having it firmly strapped to my belly for the next 10 weeks. After that you’ll see me sitting at my desk with a stethoscope sticky taped to my melon, blissed out on the heartbeat of my unborn.

In completely unrelated news, The Boy and I are stupendously excited about going to see the first installment of the final Harry Potter tomorrow. We’ve booked tickets for a day session so I don’t sleep through it, though I hardly think that was necessary – I haven’t been this excited about anything since I last peed on a stick. I still can’t fathom that the HP journey is almost at an end – I’m totally not ready to let go – and I just hope that our kids love the books, and the movies, as much as we do. Because they’ll sure be seeing a lot of it!


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