Early days

16 Nov

Eight weeks, four days. Still early days but after another great scan on Saturday, life with Pork Chop is growing brighter every day.

On Saturday the little guy measured a good 17mm with a steady heart rate of 174bpm. All on schedule. We had a moment when the technician thought he’d found two heart beats, but turned out that Pork Chop just has a massive and vigorously pumping cord. Take that as you will.

Anyway, after some pretty good results on Saturday, I of course came down with a bout of cramps on Sunday that left me wondering why I can’t have even one measly day of worry-free peace. It seems though that the pains are less from the little one and more from the gas which has blown me up like a balloon and earned me the endearing nickname of fluffalapagus. Not impressed.

After becoming bloat central this week we decided to spread the word a bit further about the little one. Naturally everyone we told was super excited which went a long way in getting my interest piqued as well. Not that I’m not thrilled about being pregnant – I totally am – it’s just taking a little while for the whole concept to sink in. And for me to stop panicking the moment it does.

Anyway – here s/he is. Looking a little bigger and more baby like by the day.


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