Peanuts and poppy seeds

15 Oct

So I still can’t quite believe it. I’m pregnant. Despite being told by The Boy not to, I took my temperature again this morning, and did another couple of HCG tests and yup – preggers.

In case there was any uncertainty, the cramps I’ve been getting are now accompanied by some pretty vicious nausea, which I’m actually hoping will continue because then I actually feel like I’m pregnant. The heartburn and cramps I could do without, but at this point every little sign and symptom feels like the best thing in the world. So much so that as I hang my head over the toilet bowl hoping that the salad sandwich I’ve just scoffed will stay down, I’m grinning from ear to ear.

I’m pregnant. Pregnant! Who would have thought?

So far we’ve just told our respective mums who are, of course, over the moon. Oh, and I told my friend, Agnes, because she is going to Germany next week for two whole ears and I just had to tell her to her face. Besides, she asked. And I wasn’t about to lie. And I just had to tell someone so I could get all stupid girl excited about it. 

I’m still in shock, while The Boy is giving me strict instructions to go and buy salads and fruit to ensure his progeny gets the best start to life. It’s going to be a long nine months if he keeps up the worry but I plan to milk it, and milk it good. Breakfast in bed? Hell yes. Free reign to drink as many milkshakes as I can? You bet. Opting out of the dishes because hey, I created a LUNG today, what did you do*? Totally.

Anyway, tomorrow I go for the blood test. I guess we’ll get the results on Monday, so it’ll be a long weekend of incessant pee-testing for me. Every time I see those two pink lines it’s like the little guy is giving me a big wave and saying ‘see? Still here!’ which is a reinforcement I need like every hour at this point.

So, week four is going well. Now we all just need to hold on tight – especially the little peanut – for the journey we’ve been waiting for.

*This doesn’t always work on Ry because he’s all like ‘I saved a life, that’s what I did, biatch’, and then I’m all like ‘oh well, right, well I created one’ and then he’s all like ‘yeah, but you haven’t finished it yet, have you?’ At which point I walk off and cry because he’s not playing fair or being supportive and has no idea what it’s like to be a woman etc, etc. And, for the record, his mother agrees with me.


One Response to “Peanuts and poppy seeds”

  1. anothermaternityblogger March 4, 2011 at 7:19 am #

    Okay, I’m working forward in your pregnancy chronicles, and I know this happened a long time ago, but YAY! I’m so happy for you. Your blog continues to crack me up. It’s wonderful to pass the time of my own two week wait by reading your hilarious, touching posts.

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