Inappropriate work noises

14 Sep

So I’m sitting at my desk, well and truly supposed to be working, but I’ve just come across The Oatmeal and for the life of me I can’t figure out how I’ve lived a full life to this point without being aware of its existence.

In fact I’m so enamoured, I’ve just ordered two posters that I can’t wait to put up at home. Because subtle I am not, and The Oatmeal has just given me a highly creative excuse to win the whole ‘a lot’ argument from a few weeks ago.

So aside from giggling myself stupid over these humourous little treasures, I’ve spent the past 30 minutes trying to look like I’m working with my ‘serious face’ on, while browsing through The Oatmeal’s archives.

But when I got to this, I just couldn’t help myself. I let out one of those rip-roaring snorts that anyone with even a modicum of decency lives in fear of and had to hide under my desk while pretending that I had mysteriously just contracted whooping cough.

Unsuccessfully, I might add. Better get back to it.


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