2 Sep

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a greenie. Sure, I recycle, but I’m not exactly going to be awarded Environmentalist of the Year. Even if I do manage to grow my own tomatoes this year.

But I am, on the whole, conscious of the level of crap that I let into our house. Neither The Boy nor I like waste, and we’re always pretty conscious about what we spend our dollars on. So it was with some amusement that I stumbled across this site today that details exactly what moronic items people feel the need to include in their list of household items. Such as:

1. The somewhat suspicious looking ‘Banana Bunker’

2. The Mayo Knife – a knife that spreads, you guessed it, mayonnaise

3. The rather space aged watermelon cooler

4. A keepsake bag for you positive pregnancy test that looks suspiciously like those $2 plastic pencil cases you can buy at Kmart

5. And my absolute favourite – the Daddle, or Daddy Saddle. What’s that you wanted for Christmas? A pony? Well sweetheart, just look at what Daddy got you! Almost as good as the real thing, right?

I can’t believe there are people out there that actually buy this shit. I can only hope that these are filling that niche of completely useless secret santa presents that are doled out at Christmas work parties then forgotten five minutes later. Except the Daddle. The second I get pregnant, I’m totally getting Ry one of those. Because every man needs to feel like he’s totally whipped at some point, right? And did you see those kneepads??


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