Another eventful week

24 Aug

So it’s been another eventful week in the Snaith household.

Our new member of the family, Milo, is settling in nicely and has just been microchipped and vaccinated. Apparently the sweet little bugger was purring on the vet’s table he’s that amiable. Bet he won’t be doing that when we take him back to get his balls chopped off.

Sure, I’m biased, but I think what we have here is one perfect little kitty. He’s a friendly little guy, a bit wary of new people at first, but quick to play or entertain himself climbing up Ry’s leg or flying through the blinds. All very cute while he’s under a kilo, but probably not so much as he gets bigger. Still, he is loved, and the only offspring we have at the moment so is enjoying the full effects of being the number one priority around the house for now!

To top off this picture of domesticity, we bought that new car I’ve been talking about. It’s pretty pimped out;  a black Holden Cruze with tinted windows and one of those Tom Tom navigators (thanks Alex and Clare!) that’s supposed to help me find my way home when I finally get up the courage to drive more than a block out of our neighbourhood.
While I’m thrilled about having a new car – I think I get to pick it up on Saturday – I was not so impressed about the whole buying-of-the-car process. Always quick to back the underdog, I’d gone in prepared to actually like car salesmen. I was sure that the prevailing stereotype was wrong and that these poor souls were battling uphill against a tide of occupational hatred. The Boy warned me otherwise, but since when do I ever listen to him.

The Boy was right.

Now, I’m sure we got the arse end of car salesmen when we met Joe*. Joe was a jerk right from the very start. He didn’t take us seriously, had that sleazy look of someone who was trying to rip you off, and then he tried to rip us off. And then, out of nowhere, he actually started yelling at us, telling us we were immoral, disloyal, and completely without ethics when we asked for his ‘best price’ – which turned out to be $600 more than what he quoted us over the phone. Following that little episode he kicked us out of his dealership, mid tantrum, and it was all I could do not to launch myself at him and slap the stupid, slime-ball smirk off his face.

Anyway, luckily for us we finally found a nice car salesperson – a lovely lady called Nenny – who got us the car we wanted, for the price we wanted, and was absolutely pleasant throughout the transaction (something I didn’t think would be too hard but apparently for the majority of car salesmen out there it’s almost impossible).

And in slightly related news, now that I have a car I find it highly amusing that a new study has just come out showing that driving does actually make you fat. Awesome. Because I totally need a helping hand down that path now that I’m trundling down that slipper slope towards my 30’s.

*His real name


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