Top five from the week that was

20 Aug

And the news from this week…

1. I’m not pregnant. Again. Didn’t think I was, but you know, hope never dies. As The Boy keeps reminding me though, this was the first month we’d really, really tried. Before? That was all just practice. Now we mean business.

2. Cloud nine is coming back down to Earth after the whole wedding and honeymoon hoopla. On the one hand, I’m glad. I like our ordinary life and I’m real happy to have it back. On the other, nothing matches the excitement of your own wedding. If only I could remember more of it. I’m sure some photos could jog my memory but I’ve been told it can be up to two months to see any of those. Please don’t let it be so!

3. The Boy and I have been suffering from one of those gross, lingering colds that brings with it snotty noses, watery eyes and a rather disturbing hacking cough that is no doubt driving my workmates insane. About the only thing that’s broken up the monotony of said cold is a bout of gastro. Always a highlight. Combine those two with getting your period when you wanted to be pregnant (or just getting your period, period) and you can imagine how I feel right now.

4. I got a kitten! We’ve called him Milo which is all very well and good while he’s small, but I fear when he gets bigger – and judging by the amount he eats he’s going to – he’s going to look more like a Bruce. Anyway, Milo is a tiny, beyond cute little Tabby with white socks. He’s in love with his reflection and is only just starting to purr, especially in the early mornings when I come downstairs and replenish his food bowl.

5. I’m getting a new car tomorrow! Now I can drive and all, I’m being rewarded with a car of my own to love and cherish and take me places. I’m still terrified of driving, especially by myself, but am over the moon about all the things I can do now I have my own set of wheels. Like drive to the markets early on Saturday (except for the traffic, I’m too scared to drive in it. Slight problem). Or like going on a road trip to the coast. Or any number of other fun things that I’ll do once I can drive without stopping in the middle of the road every time I see oncoming traffic.


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