A rather unmotivated weekend

16 Aug

Ahhh yes. The weekend. Oh glorious two days of adventure and freedom. Spring in the air, nothing to do, nowhere to go, nobody to see. The world yours to do with what you will.

Cue boredom. Or maybe not so much boredom as complete and utter lack of motivation.

The weekend past was the first weekend I’ve had to myself in, like, forever. I had nothing on my plate and my body quickly realised that since there was nothing pressing it had to do, the only thing it wanted to do was sleep. How utterly disappointing. I couldn’t even motivate my mind enough to blog and believe me, I tried. All it wanted to do was sit on the sofa with the white noise switched on while my poor, battered, highly un-pregnant body tried to recover from, what? Too many wine and cheese plates? Too much fun skiing? Being married? Because let me tell you, all of that has worked out fine and dandy and I couldn’t be happier, aside from the funk that Audrey Niffenger’s latest novel has plunged me into.

I did manage to bake a cake – oh banana cake, my old favourite! Come here, you – and make up a batch of quite nice chai tea, and watch the new Astro Boy movie, but that was about the extent of it. I even took a three-hour nap on Sunday and had dinner made for me by my new mother-in-law. And yet I still turn up to work today dog-tired for absolutely no reason.

Tonight, however, should prove interesting. It’s my first ever solo drive in a car. I’m going to be in a car, behind the wheel, on my own tonight which is terrifying enough for me let alone anyone brave (stupid) enough to be on the street. I’m really hoping I make it home OK. Partly because we all know that horrible things happen to newlyweds so I am rather tempting fate here by doing something even remotely dangerous, and partly because I hardly think trashing my new mother-in-law’s car is going to be a good start to my marriage either.


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