The ski bunnies come home

11 Aug

Maybe not quite. But I did go skiing for the first time last week while we were honeymooning in New Zealand and I loved it. While I’m pretty sure I could be a contender at the next Winter Olympics, perhaps for some African nation – a small one that doesn’t get snow and is largely unheard of and unpopulated – the bruises up and down my legs seem to discredit my ability. But I had a blast and one thing for sure, The Boy certainly broadens my horizons. Scuba, skiing, eggplants, blue cheese – all new things that I would previously have balked at but now find particularly enjoyable.

Anyway, I’m back from said honeymoon which was more than delightful, and back at work with a raging cold that is threatening to infect the rest of my rather small office. Finally, a downside to my new and otherwise perfect job; if you happen to have a cold, and happen to drag it into the office, everyone knows who dunnit. There’s no blaming that new person in that cubicle by the back door – if you’re the only one sniffling then the next one to hang their head dejectedly at their office desk while trying to sniff back some sordid green stuff is going to have it in for you.

However, I can say that the process of getting this particular cold was exceptionally pleasant. I don’t care that I got it from making out with my new husband (husband!) on the ski slopes of Queenstown’s Coronet Peak. Nor do I care that I let it get worse while we were exploring the black sands at Gillespie’s beach, or gasping our way through a 90 minute hike in driving icy rains and tearing winds at Fox and Franz Joseph glaciers. And for those of you who are going to be all like ‘What? You went all that way and didn’t see Milford sound? Are you crazy?’; yes, yes we are crazy. Crazy enough to not get up at 4am for a 14 hour bus ride to see some mountains plunge into the sea while freezing our asses off but to rather stay in bed, cuddled up next to a wood fire, enjoying some serious snuggle time.

But couldn’t we have done that at home and saved a couple of thousand dollars? You bet. But then, I didn’t want to be the sucker organising room service.


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