Handsome…and he can cook!

11 Aug

So I’m getting dinner made for me tonight. I’m hoping this is one of those that’ll-change-when-you-get-married things that people have been warning me about. Does this mean he’ll soon understand me even when I’m a pre-menstrual illogical and over-emotional mess? That he’ll remember to take the trash out and keep the toilet seat down? That I’ll come home one day and the house will look like we hired a housekeeper?

To be fair, The Boy is excellent at cooking dinner, and doing most of those other things (except the cleaning part… though I do have him making the bed now), since that’s largely what we’ve argued about when I’ve been a pre-menstrual illogical and over-emotional mess over the past few years. And who says negative reinforcement doesn’t work?

Anyway, I’m excited. Even more excited since I got a message with a picture of dinner in progress attached. It looks good. It looks like it involves leek and gnocchi. It looks like the kitchen will withstand the hurricane of chef Ryan. I tell you, the flirting of a married couple is so much sexier… photos of food sent to me at work? Yeah, baby.


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