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Three short days

28 Jul

I’m three short days away from getting married and I’m pretty darn excited. Aside from the fact I have no shoes and the weather has taken a turn for the worse, I’m fairly confident this is going to be the best day of my life. Aside from that day where I met The Boy, that is, just over three years ago now – in a cafe, opposite a sex shop, on Oxford street.

This isn’t the the story we generally stick to. The one we usually tell is the one where we met at the Kenya Aid dinner, fell in love, made out in a Kings Cross nightclub and lived happily ever after. But I actually met Ry some few months before while having coffee with a friend from the UK. After joining us for coffee, Ry, ever the gentleman, drove me back to Coogee where I was staying with another friend – a different friend – who offered to show The Boy a photocopy of his backside he’d taken at work. Needless to say I didn’t hear too much from Ry after that. Not until the Kenya Aid dinner that I flew up to Sydney for some five months later.

Fast forward three years and we’re about to get married. Aside from the massive amounts of luck it took for us to find each other, we’ve put a lot into this relationship. I can say with absolute honesty there’s not one other person in this world who I’d rather have by my side for the rest of my life. Not a soul who I trust more to take care of me with all the love in his heart. Getting to that point hasn’t always been simple. While relationships are fun, and wonderful, and joyous, the really good ones are not always easy.

But in three short days I’ll have a husband. We share a wonderful life that is full of family who love and support us. We have more wonderful, vibrant and cherished friends than we could possibly count. And as for the future – if it’s even half as good as the past three years we’ll be blessed with one of the happiest of lives I could ever have imagined.


Henry and Grace

1 Jul

I’m not pregnant. I’m not even close. But that doesn’t mean starting a family isn’t something my almost husband and I don’t love to talk about. And in one such conversation we finally agreed – if it’s a boy, Henry. A girl? Grace. Henry and Grace. That’s the story.